Documenting art practice


Last year, Visual Arts preliminary course students began working on mini bodies of work, as an emersion into art practice and exploration of expressive forms. Some of their processes and procedures often only get recorded in their Visual Arts Process Diaries – VAPDs and I am continually attempting to get them inspired to share some of this great work with the world.

Here is an example of one such documentation; entirely student driven. Please feel free to encourage the students by commenting on their You Tube post.


TeachMeet Sydney 2012


I woke up this morning, still thinking about teachmeet…….. When was the last time you attended PD which stuck with you for days before and days after?

Best PD I’ve attended even if it was on a rainy Friday night. There were over 320 teachers, APs, Principals… present. That’s over 320 (+ those on Ustream and Twitter – Lynn Revai from my school followed actively) teachers spending their Friday night sharing classroom practice with their peers; not because they had nothing better to do, but because they feel passionately about education and educating young minds.
There was fun, sharing, games, teacher flash-mob, happy birthday, learning from peers, presenting, international presenters tuning in, getting feedback, giving feedback, ideas, ideas and more ideas….even discussion about standardised testing and why we should not be teaching to the test. All in 3 hours (incl. breaks for drinks)
Think back to a full day of PD you’ve had recently….. Does it compare in the slightest?
All of the presentations will be loaded to the teachmeet wiki (links above) and while you wait for those, here is one which Edmodo users will love: