Introduction to Google Apps and Collaboration in the Classroom


This week’s Spark Session on the Introduction to Google Apps was recorded and is available on You Tube.

Whilst we looked at Google Apps and their uses, the key focus was on how these tools may be used in the classroom to allow students to be connected, self-motivated and included in designing their own learning. To model and facilitate collaboration, I have also started up a Google Presentation, as a means for crowdsourcing YOUR ideas and enriching our learning. So, please click on the link and include your own slide.


5 thoughts on “Introduction to Google Apps and Collaboration in the Classroom

  1. Thanks Alma, loved the presentation and thanks for making it available after the spark session. I have a question about Google Edu apps regarding availablity and equity. Is it fair to say that these tools are available at all schools and therefore all students such that you can set up systems within the school environment?

  2. Hi Kathy, anyone can set up a Google account and have access to all available Google apps. If a school has their own Google domain, then this just makes it a lot easier to communicate with staff and students within the school.

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