Digital Genius Team @MMCCWakeley


The student Digital Genius team developed at Mary MacKillop College after the introduction of 1:1 laptops to the Year 9 2010 students. It very much became student-driven by early 2012. The inspiration for the team came from the idea of the Genius Bar at all Apple stores. The idea was that at our school library, students could visit the Genius Doc (the name students gave it referencing a the MacBook dock and a doctor, as a someone you’d go to for help when you were not well).  The DiGe Project Team came together, met regularly, solved problems at lunchtimes, assisted with MacBook orientation days for new students and is now the team who supports students and staff not just with technological and Mac-based issues, but more importantly, using technology in their every day learning.

A Genius Doc (Bar) has also been installed in the Irene McCormack Centre (past Library) at the College whereby members of the student team share resources, run Student-Meets (a la Teach Meets), support and assist other students and staff, as well as parents.

Students have also completed the ‘Digital Citizenship Online Challenge’ and have received their DC passports which they wear on lanyards.

They are currently working on a large PSYberFest project together with 8 other schools. You may follow the tweets #PSYberFest

The genesis of the name PSY-ber (Privacy and Safety for You) FEST 2013 came about through the collaboration of the Digital Genius Team under a workshop lead by Dr Doug Ashleigh. ‘PSY’ is a play-on the sound ‘cy’ for ‘cyber, and the popular culture artist ‘Psy’ who produced the music fad of ‘Gangnam Style’. ‘Psy’ also refers to the ‘psychological’ implications involved in cyber safety.


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