Twitter in schools


This post was initially created for students and teachers I work with, as a brief guide on how to get started with Twitter.

  • Create a Twitter account
  • Don’t forget to include a brief bio so that others know who you are
  • Locate people to follow. Feel free to look up my lists and see if there is anything of interest there
  • Locate #ceoelearn, #TMSydney and #ADEANZ and learn how following threads can be effective
  • Access Twitter via TweetDeck, HootSuite or similar SN management tool, so that you can follow threads more efficiently 
  • Access Twitter on your mobile device, so that you can tweet anytime
  • Tweet, Retweet, DM (Direct Message can only be done if you follow each other)
  • Tweet a photo – for fun

Twitter Rules (for educators and students setting up accounts for the first time)

Consider keeping your private and school/work accounts fairly separate (especially if you are a newbie 🙂

— do you want your students or teachers to see all of what you say to your friends? —

For your school/work account:
  • create an appropriate username (this is the first thing others will see about you)
  • do not give away your b’day, phone number, address, where you go to school and similar private details
  • do not post photos of you and friends and then tag who is who
  • keep comments appropriate (think about your audience) ‘think before you tweet’
  • be mindful of whom you follow (you can judge this from people’s bio and especially from their own tweets)
  • engage in mindful and meaningful conversation
  • check your spelling and grammar
  • use hashtags when appropriate
  • when you follow others, check who they are so that you are not bombarded with useless information in your feed
  • follow professional organisations of interest to your study (ie. @NatGalleryAus)
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